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Accountants for Film & TV Producers and Crew

Running a successful Film & TV production company requires juggling creativity, logistics, and – you guessed it – finances.  We get it. That's why we offer specialised accounting services for Film & TV producers, freelancers and crew


We understand the complexities of the Film & TV industry, from budgeting for productions to reconciling costs at the end of a job.  We are specialist Accountants for Film & TV producers, freelancers and crew


Our Accounting for TV Producers Service Empower Your Productions

Production Crew

As a TV producer or crew member navigating financial complexities shouldn't slow you down.  Our production accounting services are designed to streamline your finances, giving you the peace of mind.

Here's how we empower your productions:


  • Tax Savings through Deductions

  • Streamlined Expense Tracking

  • Financial Insights

  • Up-to-date Industry News

Our Production Accounting Solutions

Every production is unique. That's why we offer a range of scalable accounting solutions for Film & TV producers and production assistants to fit your specific needs and budget.  Here are some of the services we specialise in as Accountants for TV Producers:


  • Production Budgeting & Cost Control

  • Project Reconciliation

  • Effortless Bookkeeping

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis


Production Crew

Your Success is Our Mission

We believe in the power of television to entertain, educate, and inspire.  Our mission is to empower TV producers with the financial expertise they need to thrive.

We're more than just number-crunchers – we're your trusted partners, invested in the success of your productions.  By handling your finances, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters most: creating high-quality content that resonates with audiences.

Mastering the Basics of TV Production Accounting & Bookkeeping for TV Producers

The Rewards of Streamlined Production Accounting

Optimising Your Finances: Deductible Expenses for TV Producers and Crew

Unlocking Maximum Benefits with Our Accounting & Bookkeeping for TV Producers Expertise

What Our Clients Say


Ellie Botwood, Bot Inc  PR, Branding and Sales Consultancy in Advertising, Film and Art

I’ve had my own business for the past 6 years and I’ve always struggled to keep on top of my accounts and invoices. Creative and Numbers have been imperative in helping me get back on track and taking away a lot of the headache so I can concentrate on what I’m good at. During the Covid-19 crisis, they provided knowledge, insight and advice in what was a really scary and precarious time. Sometimes there’s nothing quite reassuring than hearing it will be OK and we will get it sorted. I’m very grateful I found them when I did!
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