The Team

Our main focus and goal is to work closely with you.  For too long now, Accountants have been viewed as unapproachable, elusive and hard to communicate with, using technical jargon you don't understand.  Our ethos is the exact opposite.  We offer a service whereby we are contactable, we use terminology you will understand and we will take time to explain the areas that baffle you.  Let us help you to bridge the gap, so running the financials of your business doesn't seem such a scary prospect.  Let us help you understand and manage your business both professionally and profitably.


Owner, Pippa has worked in the world of Television for 25 years as
a Producer and therefore understands the nature of the beast, both
from the accounting and production side of the industry. She fully
understands the demands of the industry and is only a phone call


Owner, Vicki has been an Accountant for 18 years, working in both
business as a Finance Director and also in practice. She has worked
in many different industries, so has a strong understanding of
business needs across the board.


Karla has previously worked at renowned post-production
house Absolute Post, where she was based for 14 years as Head of
Finance. She brings so much experience and knowledge of working
within such a creative business, and is an integral part of our team.