Starting your own business


Starting your own business

What is the process of a tax return?

To prepare and submit your tax return, we need to collect some relevant information about you and your income and expenses. This information is then carefully reviewed by us and always discussed with you, to get to know you better and answer any questions, before the return is finalised and submitted to HMRC. We’re with you every step of the way and you can contact us at any time.

How long does my tax refund take?

If you are entitled to a refund of tax, this will usually take 8-10 days from submission of your tax return. However, in the case that HMRC has further questions or review of your tax return, this process can take longer.

What can I claim as a deduction?

We’ve have guidelines to take you through the common expenses, what they are and how to calculate and substantiate them, in an easy to understand way.
If anything isn’t clear, that’s okay because we will work through it personally when we have the call or skype to finalise the return.

What if I have prior year’s tax outstanding?

If you have more than one tax return to do, firstly, don’t fret! We’re here to help you get up to date as quickly as possible.
It’s best if you contact us directly if you have more than one return to do and we’ll help you work out a plan to get them sorted together.

How much are tax returns?

Our fees do increase slightly in any of the following situations, to take account of the extra skills and effort required:
– when there is a high volume of transactions
– when there are investment properties, foreign source income or other additional tax situations
– when you need a bit more help to pull together your information

When is your tax return due?

Before the 31st January following the end of the previous tax year 5th April

How do I pay my tax return?

We will send you an invoice once we have finalised your tax return, with 14 days to pay.

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